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Criminal Injury Compensation Payouts

Have you been Injured as a result of a Criminal act ? we can help

Have you been injured as a result of an Assault for Criminal Act – if so we can help.

We are experts at helping Victims of Crime recover compensation under the Governments, Criminal Injuries Compensation (CICA) scheme. Under the scheme you can claim compensation if you have suffered injury as a result of a criminal act, such as an assault etc

To bring a claim, the rules under the CICA provide that the injury must :-

  • Have been reported to the police within 48 hours of the incident.
  • You must have sustained injury as a result of the incident. Typically, that is symptoms that last some 6 weeks
  • The incident must not have been your fault.

Compensation payouts are calculated according to a fixed tariff system, with Payouts starting at £1,000, and rise depending upon the type of injury sustained. We can ensure that your claim is correctly presented to ensure that you receive the maximum compensation payout.

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