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Untraced Driver Accidents: Hit and Run Accident ?

Unfortunately, hit and run accidents regularly occur, when the other motorist leaves the scene of the accident without stopping.

If you are motorist, cyclist or pedestrian that has sustained injury we can help you. We have a dedicated team that specialise in dealing with victims of Hit and Run Car accidents or when the other Driver isn’t insured.

Compensation for injuries can be claimed under the Motor Insurance Bureau Untraced Drivers Scheme.This compensates victims of accidents when the other driver has fled the scene, while if the other drivers isn’t insured a claim can be made under the Uninsured Drivers Agreement. Under this scheme the cost of repairs can be claimed, as well as personal injury and any resulting loss of earnings.


How to claim for a Hit and Run accident or if the other driver isn’t insured ?

Don’t worry if you have been involved in a hit and run accident or if the other driver isn’t insured. We can help. Call us on 0845 568 4000.

Accidents Involving Hit and Run Drivers

A hit and run accident typically occurs when the other driver at fault for the accident, simply leaves the scene without stopping. If you have been involved in this type of accident you can recover compensation for personal injury under the Untraced Drivers Agreement 2003. This is a compensatory scheme administered by the Insurer funded Motor Insurance Bureau.

Both compensation schemes are subject to certain rules and therefore it is important that your claim falls into the falling categories :-

  • The accident must have occurred within the last 3 years
  • You must report the incident/accident to the police within 14 days – make sure you keep the crime reference number !
  • have a duty to mitigate your losses eg. keep them to a minimum
  • Ensure you attend your GP or Hospital if injured as the MIB will often want evidence that you were injured
  • It must be a non fault accident

If you would like our help, please call us our Uninsured Driver helpline on 0845 269 3571, and we can then help you recover compensation.

Here are five top tips if involved in a hit and run crash :-

  • Report the accident to the police immediately – this is important to claiming under the MIB
  • Make a detailed note of how the accident happened
  • Attend your local hospital/A&E department if you are injured
  • Take photographs of the accident damage
  • Report the accident to your insurers

As the criteria are very strict under the MIB we can ensure your claim is persued quickly and promptly. Please contact us on 0845 568 4000 or e-mail

We are frequently asked lots of questions regarding what happens after a hit and run accident, set out below are the most common _

What information must be kept after the accident ?

It is always important to make a detailed note of the incident circumstances after an accident has arisen. This is even more important if the other driver has left the scene or isn’t insured as the MIB are likely to require a detailed statement about how the accident arose. Some obvious points, never accept liability for an accident, report the matter to the police and insurer, keep the crime reference number, take photographs, check to see if there are any witnesses, seek medical help, while always record any losses sustained as documentation by well be required.

Is making a claim possible even if the other driver left the scene ?

Yes absolutely. The Motor Insurer Bureau is decided to compensation victims who are unfortunate to have an accident with an uninsured motorist. Over the years when paying for your insurance you will have legitimately contributed towards the compensation scheme fund and as such you are entitled to claim.

But is claiming difficult ?

No – we are experts and try to make the process as simple as possible. We recognise the problems and inconvenience caused by having an accident, and therefore other than explain how the accident arose and what losses you have sustained we will then deal with everything else such as contacting the MIB, form filing, establishing your losses and arranging the medical evidence for you.

Who pays for my losses if the other driver is uninsured or leaves the scene ?

Fortunately there is a compensation scheme in place if you have been the victim of a hit and run car accident or the other driver has left the scene – it is called the Motor Insurance Bureau and it is this organisation that will pay you compensation if you have had an accident with an uninsured motorist. Given the often difficult nature of dealing with these types of claim there are very strict rules that must be complied with when submitting your claim and for this reason ensuring that you keep anything connected with the car accident may well be crucial to your claim succeeding. What is important is that keep a detailed note of the accident, witnesses, take photographs, report the matter to the police, keep a record of the Crime reference number as well as seek medical assistance if injured.