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Accessibility is about making your website available and understandable for everyone, including users with disabilities.

The way this website was built

This website uses the latest web standards, valid HTML5 and valid CSS3 to deliver it’s content. We believe we have followed best practise during the development.

Different Browsers

This site is displayed differently depending on which browser you are currently using.

The site looks best in a browser which is kept updated – we believe that Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera lead the way currently with browser technology and that Microsoft and their Internet Explorer browser is still way behind.

This means if you use a Microsoft browser, the presentation of this site may be different to that in a more modern browser. This will not impact the content you receive. Microsoft are committed to improving their browser and rebuilt version 9 to render HTML5 and CSS3 more accurately.

We hope that this makes the site accessible to as many users as possible but we recognise the need to continue to improve in this area.

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    UK Probate Coverage

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