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    Resealing South African Probate In The UK : Letters of Executorship

    England and South Africa have very similar probate processes, as a result of this South Africa is a country recognised under the UK’s Colonial Probate Act, which means that the South African probate can be resealed in the UK enabling, the SA probate to be used to collect and release UK assets.

    In South Africa the terminology is slightly different in regard to certain probate documents. For example, the equivalent of the Grant of probate is called a letters of executorship, and is issued by the High Court in South Africa by a Judge known as a Master.

    We frequestly assist clients and lawyers from South Africa, and if you would like some help releasing UK and are from South Africa, we would need the following documents :-

    • certified copy of the death certificate or original
    • sealed and certified copy of the probate ( letters of Executorship ) issued in South Africa
    • details of all UK assets to be collected
    • All clients will also have to supply appropriate ID for the purposes of UK Money Laundering Rules
    If you need help with a south African reseal contact Tim Murden at

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