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    Grant of Representation : Probate in England

    If you live outside the UK, understanding the inheritance process in the UK can be confusing, as very often the terminology maybe totally different to the Country the Deceased has lived in.

    We have a dedicated team that regularly represent non-UK administrators, lawyers and attorneys with releasing UK assets after someone has died.

    In the UK our inheritance process is known as probate and ends with our Courts issuing a legal document known as a Grant of Representation to the named executor in the will. Obtaining this document can be very complex if the Deceased has died and our team can ensure that UK assets are collected promptly and cost effectively.

    If you need help, contact Tim Murden at or by calling us on 0044 1482 429985, and we can advise you on the legal procedures, timescales and costs involved in obtaining probate in UK ensuring the release of UK assets.

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