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Guernsey Probate in England

Guernsey has a similar probate process to that of the UK with the terminology almost the same as that adopted in the UK with a Grant of Probate issued to the named Executors in a will. The Ecclesiastical Court in Guernsey, administers probate applications and performs a similar task to that undertaken by the Probate Registry in the UK.

If you would like our help obtaining probate in the UK we would require the following documents :-

  • Details of the UK Assets to be collected
  • Death certificate
  • Sealed and certified copy of the Guernsey Grant of probate and will
  • Identification of the named executor

Typically, we can obtain probate within 6-8 weeks however it is important to appreciate that every case is different, with a compulsory UK inheritance tax return required in every case.

If you are a lawyer, or executor and need help releasing UK assets, please contact Tim Murden or e-mail at

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    UK Probate Coverage

    UK Probate Coverage

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