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Negligence in the drafting of a will

Unfortunately, mistakes can arise when wills are drafted by Solicitors or Will Companies. It is important to recognise that if mistakes do occur and you have lost out as a beneficiary due to the will being poorly drafted, not signed at all or incorrectly executed, you can claim against the person who drafted the will in certain circumstances.

Typically we encounter mistakes in the following areas :-

  • the drafting of the will, and making clear the testators intentions eg. who should actually inherit and in what amount ?
  • failing to severe the joint tenancy on a property at the same time as drafting will
  • failing to ensure the testator had the requesite mental capacity
  • failing to inform the witnesses ( who maybe a beneficiary ) of the effect of witnessing a will
  • not drafting a will quickly enough if someone is seriously ill
  • failing to advise on inheritance tax issues

If you are a disappointed beneficiary who has failed to inherit due to a poorly drafted will, we can advise you on a no win no fee basis as to whether you can bring a claim.

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