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Do You Need Help With Probate ?

Are you an Executor, Administrator, or family member that is seeking help with Probate. Unsure of what to do, how much it will cost and how long it will take ? we can help.

The probate process can be time consuming, complicated and stressful. As nationwide probate specialists, we are experts in helping families obtain probate.

Let us help you with all or any of the following:-

  • Assistance to Executors administering estates
  • Releasing money from a bank account after someone has died
  • The sale of a property owned by a Deceased
  • Release of Shares owned by a Deceased
  • Claims under pensions or life insurance policies
  • What to do when there is no will

Probate Services

Are you an Executor or family member that has been told you need probate? Unsure where to start, how long it will take and how much it will cost? if so we can help you.

Contesting a Will

Are you unhappy, frustrated or upset with a will? Have you been left out of a will, or disinherited? Unsure where to start? We can help.

International Probate Services

If you are an Executor, Foreign attorney/lawyer or beneficiary outside the UK and need help resealing probate in the UK / collecting UK assets after someone has died.

Why Choose Us?

  • Cost effective with a Guaranteed Fixed Probate Service so you always know the exact cost
  • Experienced and friendly – we take care to advise our clients in simple Plain English
  • The Trusted Probate Provider, with 5 Star Google Reviews
  • All fees deferred until probate granted
  • We provide a nationwide probate service
  • Able to Offer a No Win No Fee Service on contested probate cases
  • Experienced and fully regulated probate solicitors

Contesting a Will claims

We specialise in will disputes.

We can advise you on all aspects on how to contest a will and whether you have a claim, maybe you were cut out of will, was the will correctly witnessed ? did the Deceased have the capacity to make a will, was undue influence brought upon the deceased to make a will, did the will leave adequate provision ? whatever your reason for wanting to contest a will, we can advise you on all the necessary steps to ensure that you have the best possible chance of succeeding.

We have a dedicated contested probate team who can advise you immediately, on a No Win No Fee Basis.

We regularly help families in the following types of will disputes :-

Call our contested probate helpline on 0330 404 2489

or make a free online enquiry.

International Probate : Resealing Probate In the UK

If you are a lawyer, executor or administer outside the UK we can advise you on the appropriate probate process in the UK to ensure the release of UK assets.

We regularly help clients from Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Canada, with resealing probate applications in the UK.

Our international team also regularly help, lawyers and Executors from the USA, Spain, France and most EU countries.

If you need help collecting UK assets send an enquiry now or call our international team direct on immediately.

Call our International probate helpline on 00 44 1482 429985

Probate : Your Questions Answered

Probate can be a confusing subject, and therefore knowing where to start can be difficult. Our website is packed full of lots of information on probate, even if you don’t need our help, set out below are the most frequently asked probate questions :

What is probate ?

Probate is simply the legal term given to the process that is followed after someone has died. It ends with the probate court issuing a grant of probate to the executor in the will. If there is no will, the legal document is called a grant of letters of administration. Once issued assets can be collected and the estate administered.

Do I need Probate ?

Probate is not always needed, however you will need probate, to sell a property, bring a claim on behalf of an estate, or close a bank account with a large balance ( typically over £25,000)

How long does probate take ?

There is no set timeframe for probate – each case always varies depending upon the nature of the assets and liabilities. In very straightforward cases you can obtain probate within 5-6 weeks, most cases it is typically 12-14 weeks however for more complicated cases it can take 6-12 months.

How Much will probate Cost ?

We offer a guaranteed fixed fee policy on all probate cases – to see more of our services please click here.

What happens when there is no will ?

If there is no will, the estate will be subject to the intestacy rules, which set out how the estate is administered. You read more about the intestacy rules by clicking here

What Happens when the original will is lost

The original of a will must always be obtained – in certain cases a copy of a will application can be made – we specialise in lost original will cases.

Contesting a will : Common Questions

If you are thinking of contesting a will, there are bound to be lots of questions asked, typically we find the following questions the most common :-

Who can contest a will ?

Typically, the main persons who can contest a will are :-

Are there any time limits to contest a will ?

Yes there are various time limits – the most important is the deadline to make a claim under the Inheritance Act – this is just 6 months from the date of the grant of probate. For more information on important time limits to contest wills can be found here.

Can I contest a will after probate has been issued ?

Yes absolutely although we always recommend contesting a will early. Time is always of an essence to protect estate assets.

What grounds can you contest a will ?

There are lots of ways to contest a will, the most common are :-

What is a Caveat ? can I stop probate ?

Yes you can stop probate by issuing a Caveat – this prevents the probate registry from issuing a grant of probate – once in place it lasts for 6 months ( unless a warning is served)

How to remove a Caveat ?

A Warning to a caveat can be served on the person entering the caveat – this means that an appearance must be filed at the probate registry within 14 days otherwise the Caveat gets removed.

How much does it cost to contest a will ?

We always try to act on a No Win No Fee Basis for clients when contesting wills, although there are other options such as deferred fees, DBA’s or Fixed fees.

Do you help with probate or contesting a will make a free online enquiry. or call us now on 0330 311 9700

Probate Advice

Call on 0330 404 2489 or complete this form

    Google Reviews

    James Clancy
    07:44 12 Oct 21
    Tm Solicitors were an absolute joy to deal with in a time of of loss if one can put the two words in the same sentence... ! They responded promptly to all emails and there was always somebody on the phone I could speak to when needed. All paperwork was sent promptly when needed. We also had probate to deal with in Ireland and Vicky went above and beyond to facilitate in getting all the relevant paperwork to Ireland. The fees were exactly as they quoted with no extra charges. I would not hesitate to recommend more
    Dan “Big Dan” W
    09:23 27 Sep 21
    Shortly after my father passed away early 2020, I began to "attempt" to get his estate in order but very quickly hit a... road block. Creditors wouldn't talk to me because I didn't have letters administration and I couldn't get letters of administration without having access to to his accounts.I called up and originally spoke to Tim Murden who very quickly reassured me he and his team would be able to resolve this for me. I was contacted by Rebecca who has been a star from start to finish, and she got to work right away. Unfortunately shortly after we got started, the UK went in to lockdown and everything come grinding to a halt. During lockdown, Rebecca was unable to progress my case, but still maintained contact. As soon as people started to return to work again she picked it all back up and got the ball rolling again.Throughout this process, Rebecca has repeatedly chased all the relevant parties and even went above and beyond when I was having a an issue with conveyancing solicitors. I hope that I never have to use her services again (in the nicest way possible), but if I did I wouldn't use anyone else, and I would recommend TM Solicitors to anyone.Thanks again for all your more
    sophia michael
    13:57 13 May 21
    Sorry for the late response ...Rebecca Sidebottom desires a wage rise as she so helpful and extremely professional... when dealing with clients, her knowledge is fantastic and I can recommend this company more
    Paul Masri-Stone
    15:10 16 Jan 21
    I'm writing this without being prompted as I have been so impressed with the probate service from TM Solicitors. From... my first phone call through to the final estate accounts and distribution, Suzanne Underwood has been so helpful. I found them via a Google search and called on the strength of Google reviews. Their fees are very reasonable and they only take them at the very end even if that's many months away, so no stress there. And as I have just discovered, they remain helpful and proactive even after they have been paid and everything has been officially concluded. My family and I are very more
    Tish Rybak
    11:59 16 Sep 20
    I would like to take this opportunity to say a very BIG THANK YOU to TM Solicitors, in particular Rebecca Sidebottom... for the help and support which began nearly 2 years ago relating to my late sister's Estate. There have been many ups and downs over this period, but Rebecca has been very supportive in providing very good advice where needed. The ERYC were particularly difficult to get them to refund the Council Tax which was due to us, but Rebecca kept me informed all the way. I would highly recommend TM Solicitors to any of my family or friends. Trishread more
    T K
    06:52 22 Mar 20
    I have never left a review online before, but the service here from Suzanne Underwood was so outstanding that I... persisted to work out how to login to write a review. Employing TM solicitors from overseas here in Australia to sort out UK Legal issues with regards to Reseal of probate and wills, it was so reassuring to have someone on the ground who could communicate so efficiently with both me as well as the necessary institutions and authorities in UK.Suzanne kept me up-to-date on all progress at all times without me even prompting, she is simply outstanding. Her efficiency in working on the job has resulted in me having less stress about this whole situation. This was certainly a lot more than I expected when I first appointed them. Highly recommended.Once again a very special thanks to Suzanne Underwood who is just an amazingly efficient person, and a great communicator and this is rare these days.Regards, Tinaread more

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    UK Probate Coverage

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