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Caveats in Probate

If you are unhappy with a will and want to make a claim, it is important that your Solicitor has sufficient time to investigate the circumstances of a claim properly. In light of this, something called a Caveat can be issued against an estate. Once issued, the Caveat prevents a Grant of probate or Grant of letters of administration ( when there is no will ) being issued.

The Caveat lasts for a period of some 6 months, but can be renewed every 6 months.

Legal Advice should always be sought before a Caveat is issued.

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What Does a Caveat Do ?

In stopping probate, the most common reasons a caveat is issued are :-

  • when there is a dispute about the actual will eg. was it signed and witnessed correctly ?
  • when there are issues about the person applying for probate eg. is the executor acting unreasonably ?
  • when there are issues about whether there is actually a will
  • when someone wants time to investigate a validity of a will

How long does a Caveat last ?

A Caveat lasts for 6 months.

Can a Caveat be renewed ?

Yes. A Caveat can be renewed on the expiry of the 6 months by contacting the Probate Rregistry.

A Caveat has been issued against an estate unreasonably what can I do ?

Seek legal help – we offer specialist advice helpline on 0845 568 4000. If a caveat has been issued unreasonably, then a warning to

the caveat can be issued against the person entering the caveat.

What is an Appearance to a Caveat ?

An Appearance to a warning is a specialist legal document that sets out the reasons why the caveat was entered. It has to be entered

within 14 days of receipt of the Warning to the Caveat.

Caveats, Warnings, and Appearances in Probate : How we can help

We can help you in the following ways :-

  • How to put a caveat on urgently
  • What to do if a Caveat is issued against an estate
  • Help with serving a Warning against an estate
  • Help issuing an Appearance against an estate

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