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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We are commonly asked a variety of questions and set out below are some of the most common queries :-

Q) Do you act for clients across the UK?

A) Yes we act for clients across the UK, locally s well as abroad.

Q) Do you act for clients on a No Win No fee basis?

A) Yes absolutely, we always endeavour to act in personal injury claims as well as contested probate matters on a No Win No Fee.

Q) How do you charge for probate?

A) Unlike most firms of solicitors we always try to undertake probate cases on a fixed fee basis. Our fees are deferred until the conclusion of the case once the Grant of probate is obtained or assets collected.

Q) How long does probate take?

A) Each case is always different and much depends upon the nature and type of assets to be collected. However most probate matters take about 12 weeks on average.

Q) How Much compensation will I receive?

A) In every personal injury claim, the value of compensation for injuries (known as general damages) is always dependent upon a variety of factors, such as the nature of the injury sustained, and the likely prognosis given by the Doctor. We always arrange for clients to be independently assessed by an expert Doctor. Typically, once we receive the report we will be able to provide you an indication as to the likely level of damages you may receive.

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    UK Probate Coverage

    UK Probate Coverage

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