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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We are commonly asked a variety of questions and set out below are some of the most common queries :-

Absolutely. We believe that charging a fixed fee is far easier and more straightforward than charging hourly rates.

We start each case with a fact find, in which we ask a few straightforward questions about the deceased’s persons estate. For example, whether the deceased left a will, the approximate value of the estate assets, and the likely number of beneficiaries. Having obtained this information we will then send a fixed fee quote outlining the exact cost.viia email. This will confirm the next steps required to proceed, and the documents we need.

How much we charge ultimately depends upon the work we undertake, for example in some cases we are asked to obtain a grant of probate only, whilst in other cases we will administer the full estate from start to finish, whatever your needs we can provide a quote on a fixed fee.

We act for clients across the UK, as well as overseas so location is not an issue whatsoever. If you look at our testimonials on Google you can see that many clients we have successfully acted for have lived across the UK as well as overseas. Whatever your needs we can accomodate, we can arrange home visits, Zooom calls or in most cases we will commuincate via email or by phone. In every case, your case will be handled by a dedicated experienced probate case handler.

A) Unlike most firms of solicitors we always try to undertake probate cases on a fixed fee basis. In all cases unless otherwise agreed, our fees are deferred until the conclusion of the case once the Grant of probate is obtained or assets collected, and paid from the estate. To determine the fixed fee we will act some fairly straightforward questions such as whether the deceased left a will, the number of assets and their value, and the number of beneficiaries.This imformation provides us with an realistic indication as to how long the case will take, and the costs involved.

On average, estates that fall within this range are dealt with within 10-15 weeks. It can be a lot shorter if there are very few assets and all information is readily available. We will always update you throughout the case, so you know exactly the likely time frame as to when the estate is likely to conclude.

We are one of the few firms in the UK to genuinely specialise in contesting wills.

We can advise you on all aspects of contesting a will, whether you have a claim, the time limits to contest a will and what your prospects of success are. We offer a range of funding options from Deferred fees, fixed fees or hourly rate options. You can read more about the various funding options by clicking here.