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    Switzerland Inheritance probate law in the UK

    Switzerland has a very different inheritance process to the UK. Firstly, there are forced heirship rules which determine who a deceased persons estate should pass to while the formalities for making wills in Switzerland are very different to those in the UK.

    After someone has died in Switzerland, the estate will be administered by the heirs or the Executors if there is a will. To administer the estate the Courts will issue a certificate of inheritance to the Heirs or alternatively a certificate of executorship.

    Due to the very different legal system in the UK, obtaining the release of UK assets for a person who has died in Switzerland can be very complicated, as the UK Courts have to ensure that they are issuing the Grant of representation to the correct person according to the law of Switzerland. As a result of this, the UK Courts will insist on a legal document known as an Affidavit of foreign law being clarifying the law of Switzerland.

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