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If you have established that probate is required, the next step is to decide upon whether you need to get some help, obtaining probate. We operate across the UK and have a dedicated team helping Executors and Administrators obtain probate.

Probate involves three main stages :-

  • Assessing the deceased’s assets and liabilities
  • The legal process in applying for probate to the probate registry
  • The distribution of the estate according to the terms of the will or the intestacy rules when there is no will

Why should I get some help in applying for probate from a probate solicitor?

Fixed fee service : simple, easy, transparent terms unlike most solicitors

Speed : we can typically, obtain probate in 3-5 weeks

Convenience. Obtaining probate, completing all the various paperwork can take a great deal of time, sometimes upto 15-20 hours.

Knowledge of the probate process. We deal with the probate, the probate registry every day, it’s what we do. As a result of this, we know the process inside out and this saves you time and money.

Issues over the Will. We regularly come across issues with wills, such as the executor may have died, the signature of the testator maybe faint or the witnesses may have signed in the wrong place.

A will cannot be found or there is just a copy. The original of a will must be found for probate to be issued. If you can only find the copy you need help. See our specialist section on Copy will applications by clicking here.

The terms of the will are unclear. Unfortunately, we regularly see poorly drafted wills which cause great uncertainty. We can provide advice on what to do, if a will is unclear.

There is no will. The intestacy rules can be very complex. We can guide you through the process on what happens when there is no will.

International probate. We have a dedicated team specialising in all aspects of international probate and reseal probate applications.

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    UK Probate Coverage

    UK Probate Coverage

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