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    Wills and Probate Solicitors in Hull

    If you are based locally in Hull and East Yorkshire and need help with a will, probate, contesting a will or a power of attorney – we can help.

    We are one of the few firms to just specialise in wills and probate and have acted for clients locally for over 10 years. So how can we help ?

    Making your Will

    A recent study has found that over 50% of the population don’t have a will – don’t be one of them !

    Having a will is very straightforward to make, in not making a will you risk your estate being distributed in accordance with the intestacy rules which not necessarily correspond with your wishes. for example, if you are in a long term relationship but not married your assets would not necessarily pass to your Partner, but would instead pass in accordance with the intestacy rules, which can cause great issues and problems if you have a property with your partner.

    There are also lots of other important reasons to have a will for example :-

    • If you have Children then you can appoint Guardians in a will
    • You can appointment Executors to deal with your estate
    • Make your intentions clear and avoid family disputes by making clear your intentions.
    • Be clear who you would like to inherit

    Making a will is very straightforward. The starting point is for us to obtain some detailed instructions. Typically, this will involve us asking various questions such as who you would like to administer your estate ( your executors ), what assets you may have as well as the names and addresses of those persons you would like to inherit under your will ( known as your beneficiaries ) once we have gathered together this information we then send a draft of your will to read through and once everything is OK, you will then need to sign your will before two independent witnesses.

    Will Appointments

    If you would like to discuss making a will, please call us on 01482 429985 or click here to make a free online enquiry.

    Probate Help

    If you are an executor or administrator of an estate and need help with probate, we can guide you through the entire probate process. Unlike alot of firms we provide a guaranteed fixed fee probate service – in this way you know the exact cost at the beginning of the case. If you need a local probate solicitor in Hull contact us on 01482 429985

    Making a Power of attorney

    We are frequently instructed on behalf of clients wanting advice and support on making a Power of Attorney ( known as a lasting power of attorney )

    In summary, there are two types – a power of attorney for health and welfare and one covering finances. The person making the LPA is called the Donor whilst the persons appointed to act on behalf of the Donor to make the decisions is called the Attorney.

    Contesting a will

    If you have a problem with a will, or an executor call us for advice and support, we specialise in all areas of wills disputes and can advise you on the grounds of contesting a will or defending a will if a claim is made.