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    Isle of Man Probate in the UK

    The Isle of Man has a different legal system to the UK, known as Manx law. This means that although the terminology used by the Isle of Man probate Courts is very similar, the UK banks and other financial institutions will still insist on probate being issued in England, prior to the release of UK assets.

    The procedure to obtain probate in the UK, can be complex as the Courts has to ensure that they are issuing the Grant of Representation, correctly according to the law of domicile of the Deceased. In our experience a deceased person who may have held assets in the Isle of man may well have had other assets in other jurisdictions meaning the probate in the UK can be complex.

    If you are an executor or Administrator that has obtained probate in the Isle of Man, and need help releasing UK assets, we provide a dedicated service that can ensure probate is obtained, and assets released. Please contact Tim Murden at

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