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Problems with Wills : How we can help

Unfortunately, problems can arise with wills, but what are the most common issues ? And what can be done if there is something wrong with the Will.

As a specialist probate firm of solicitors we are here to help, when things go wrong.

Typically, we find that the most common issues are as follows :-

  • The original will is lost, Can a copy of the will be used ?
  • The meaning of the will is unclear
  • There is an obvious mistake in the will
  • There are issues with the signature of the will
  • Was the will correctly executed ie. Was it signed, dated and witnessed correctly by two witnesses ?
  • Amendments have been incorrectly made
  • Issues with Executors who cannot be traced or unwilling to act

We have a dedicated team that specialise in will mistakes and problems and can advise you carefully on all the steps to ensure that you receive the best result possible.

Call our ‘problems with wills’ helpline on 0845 568 4000 or make a free claim enquiry.

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    UK Probate Coverage

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