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The term probate is simply the legal term given to the process that has to be followed after someone has died. If a person has left a will, there must still be a legal process to obtain something called a grant of probate, this document is issued by probate court and then enables assets to be collected such as money in a bank, or the sale of a property.

If there is no will, then the intestacy rules will apply. These rules set out who inherits under an estate. This will be the next of kin.

The most frequently asked questions are :-

Do you always need probate ?

This depends on the Deceased persons assets. If the Deceased had assets over £15,000 then probate will be required. Equally, if the deceased owned a property then, probate will be required to sell the house. Other examples of when probate is required is to sell shares, or release assets under a life policy.

How long does it take ?

Time varies depending upon the size of the estate and liabilities. In very straightforward cases, it can take 5-8 weeks in more complex cases 6-8 months. As probate experts we can provide a fast track service.

How much Does it cost ?

We provide a simple fixed fee service, with all costs paid upon conclusion. the costs vary depending upon the value of the assets and liabilities. If you would like a quote, call us on 0845 568 4000.

What documents will you need ?

We require a very simple form completing which lists assets together with the death certificate and original will.

Who applies ?

The application is made by the Executor or the Administrator when there is no will.

If you are unsure about probate, where to start – call us now on 0845 680 4000 – we look forward to helping you.

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    UK Probate Coverage

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