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Resealing Probate From Australia In the UK

If you are a lawyer or executor or administrator based outside the UK, we can help you with probate in the UK.

If based in a Commonwealth Country like Australia or New Zealand, a process known as probate resealing is common. This often arises when the deceased person left UK assets, but emigrated and was domiciled outside the UK with probate subsequently obtained in that Country. If you have been told by a UK bank, or share registrar that probate resealing is required, we can help with process from start to finish

Probate Resealing Explained

Resealing probate involves an application made to our UK probate courts, with an Inheritance Tax return completed. Time scales vary depending upon the nature of the UK assets to be collected and whether Tax is maybe.

If you would like our help and assistance in regard to the collection of the UK assets we would initially require the following documents :-

  • certified copy of the death certificate or original
  • sealed and certified copy of the will and the grant of probate issued in the deceased’s domicile
  • details of the UK assets and their value and supporting documentation

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    UK Probate Coverage

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