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    Resealing Probate in the UK

    Need help obtaining probate in the UK with overseas probate ? unsure whether you can reseal probate in the UK ?

    We regularly help foreign lawyers and administrators of estates with Probate in the UK

    We specialise in Resealing probate applications in the UK. This is a special procedure that enables a foreign probate if recognised under the Colonial probates Act to be resealed in the UK by the Probate Registry. Once obtained, this then enables the collection of UK assets by a foreign executor or administrator. We regularly act for executors, beneficiaries, foreign lawyers and administrators with reseal probate applications from the following Countries :-

    • Australia
    • New Zealand
    • Canada
    • South Africa
    • Nigeria
    • Singapore
    • Hong Kong
    • St Lucia


    Frequently asked questions

    How Long Does it take ?

    Timescales vary depending upon how quickly paperwork can be returned, whilst we will require Court sealed copies ( see below ) of the overseas grant and will. As an average a reseal takes between 2-3 months on average.

    What Documents will we need ?

    • certified copy of the death certificate
    • sealed and certified copy of the will and Grant of Probate issued by the High Court this must be sealed and Certified by the Court if you have the original that will be fine alternatively the court can issue an exemplification.
    • details of all UK assets
    • two forms of identification from the Acting Executor ( driving license, passport, utility bill etc ) to be certified

    How Much will it cost ?

    Costs vary depending upon the UK assets to be collected, and their value as there are differing returns dependant upon the value of the estate. You can read more about how we charge for reseal probate applications by clicking here.

    Does the person have to travel to the UK ?

    No. the entie process can be undertaken remotely.

    Need help Resealing a Grant of probate : Unsure whether you can reseal in the UK ?

    If you have any questions relating to Resealing probate in the UK please contact Tim Murden 00 44 1482 429985 or at

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