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Coroners, Post-mortems and Inquests

We specialise in representing families in connection with Fatal Accidents and regularly attend at Inquests before Coroners in those cases whereby the accident circumstances maybe unclear. If you require legal help at an Inquest we can help.

What is an Inquest and who is a Coroner ?

If a family member has died due to unnatural causes an inquest will be called by a Doctor who will report the matter to the Coroner. Typically, the types of case reported to a Coroner will be :-

  • when someone has died after an accident, or a surgical procedure may have gone wrong
  • when the cause of death is unknown
  • if someone has committed suicide
  • or the death is sudden and unexplained

The Coroner is like a Judge and will have the responsibility for investigating the cause of death, arranging the post-mortem and if necessary hold a formal inquest to decide on the cause and circumstances of the death.

The Inquest

If the Coroner decides that an Inquest is required to examine closely the circumstances of the death, we can provide support and assistance throughout the Inquest process. Attendance at an Inquest by family members is permitted which enables questions to be put to witnesses. This helps to understand how an accident may have been caused. We regularly help families at Inquests and operate across the UK

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