A commonly asked question is who can be a witness to a will ?

The requirements are the will must be witnessed by at least two witnesses, with the following factors adhered to :-

  • the witnesses and the testator must all be present at the same time when the will is signed
  • the witnesses should be over 18 years of age
  • the witnesses must not be blind
  • the witnesses must not be a beneficiary to a will otherwise the gift to the beneficiary witness fails

As a firm specialising in will and probate problems, we regularly encounter issues with wills being incorrectly witnessed, the most common of which are as follows :-

  • wills been signed by the testator ( the person making the will ) at a different time to both witnesses – in one case we handled the testator posted a will through a neighbours door and simply asked her to sign her name. Needless to say the will wasn’t valid.
  • husbands and wife’s signing as witnesses.  It is important to appreciate that if a husband or wife witnesses a will, and their partner is a beneficiary that gift or legacy under a will fails, so always be very careful.

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