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    Powers of Attorney

    Ensuring that your family can manage your affairs is always something that you should consider – but what are the key things you need to know about arranging a power of attorney ?

    What is a power of attorney ?

    The official name for a power of attorney, is a lasting Power of Attorney, this is a legal document that enables the person making the attorney ( known as the Donor ) to appoint an Attorney to make decisions on the Donor’s behalf. It is used if the Donor is unable to make decisions in the future due to a lack of capacity.

    Are there different types of powers of attorney ?

    Yes, there are two types : health and welfare and one for property and financial affairs.

    How can a power of attorney be arranged ?

    You must the capacity to make your Lasting Power of Attorney, and be aged over 18.

    The LPA involves an application form which involves the appointment of attorneys and who is to be notified of the application. There is also a section that covers a Certificate provider, that is someone who confirms ( typically a lawyer or Doctor ) that you have the capacity to make the attorney.

    The application form is submitted to Office of the Public Guardian, they issue a sealed copy which can be used in the future.

    Who can be an Attorney ?

    Anyone can be attorney and typically, is a family member who knows the person making the LPA well.

    Who do I contact to make a lasting Power of Attorney ?

    We help lots of clients with LPA’s – please contact Tim Murden on 0148 429985 or via e-mail at

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