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    Making a Will

    Over 70% of the UK population haven’t got a will, however this needn’t be the case, and we can help you with arrange your affairs quickly and promptly with the minimum of fuss.

    But why make a will?

    Making a will is simple and easy and we can undertake this quickly and easily for you. There are lots of good reasons to have a will for example :-

    • You can decide how your estate is to be administered rather than the law .
    • The Intestacy Rules often don’t provide for close non-family members such as a common law wife or husband.
    • You can appointed Guardians to look after Children.
    • You can appoint Executors whose sole role is to administer an estate this might be a close family member or some you can trust.
    • You can reduce your Inheritance Tax liability through careful tax planning.
    • Avoid family disputes by making clear your intentions.

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